IT Support Contracts

IT Support Contracts

Intratec supports and maintains your infrastructure. We offer IT Support and Maintenance contracts.

The goal of a monthly IT Support Contract or Service Level Agreement is to eliminate or greatly reduce hourly billing and provides a maintenance plan to support the needs of a business’s technology environment.

IT Support Contracts are sometimes customized to suit the individual business, and are designed to maintain an infrastructure with a predictable annual budget. The primary objective is to provide support when needed and maintain the reliability of a networks configuration. Support Contracts or IT Support Agreements can range from the very simple to complex and continually evolve to accommodate new business situations and technology developments but most often than not help a business manage annual IT spending.


  • Lowering IT spending costs
  • Predictable annual budget on IT spending
  • Reduction in network downtime
  • Maintenance coverage
  • Eliminates technical support hourly rate
  • Secure network
  • Reliable network
  • More productive office staff
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