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  • Roland Berry
    I am an extremely happy customer of Intratec Group , looking after my Business and Home internet and related needs. I can describe their services as -Friendly -Professional -Reliable -Quick What more can you ask for!!!
    Dr. Roland Berry
  • Vicki Cordier
    We have been a client of Intratec for the past 10 years, always receiving excellent service.
    No job is ever too big or too small and Gert is always availble to assist, gives personal attention and excellent advice.
  • Nicole Ross Attorneys
    Gert and his team are always available at the drop of a hat to attend to any issues whether big or small and give 100% service.
  • cri
    “I have personally had the pleasure of working with Intratec Group for almost 6 years now. However, they have been providing ICT support to Citrus Research International for almost 20 years. A partnership and relationship that has been of great benefit to us as a company. I look forward addressing our future ICT challenges, with the confidence that we have the backing and vision of Intratec Group behind us.”
  • - Tom Johnson
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    - Tom Johnson
  • - Joan Avina
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    - Joan Avina
  • - Gordon Dale
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    - Gordon Dale

We specialize in repair ovens, cookers, dishwashers, washing machines and more


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Repair exemplary costs

Type of service Cost Time
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet $23 1 day
Consectetur adipisicing elit sed do $100 2 days
Eiusmod tempor incididunt labore $230 2 days
Dolore magna aliqua ut enim $76 4 hours
Minim veniam quis nostrud $10 2 hours

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