Desktop and Network Support

Desktop and Network Support

Information Technology (IT) consultants perform a variety of functions and provide many services, but two of the most common are desktop and network support. More and more companies are outsourcing their IT departments, finding that it makes financial and logistical sense to spend their time on their own specialty, rather than the various technological issues that may crop up during the course of business.

You may be reading this from a desktop computer in your office, but it is increasingly likely that you're reading it from a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop. As we get less dependent on our physical offices, it is more important to have a reliable network so that employees are able to work from wherever they are located, whenever they need to.

Network services is a broad term that includes network installation, security, maintaining connectivity, and everything else that goes into setting up and running a network.

The benefits of a company network are many, but few of us think about how much work goes into network installation and support. A network consultant specializing in network support can help set up and maintain a network, adding and deleting users as necessary, making sure each employee has access to what is appropriate and necessary, and dealing with general maintenance.

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